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New generation of touch screen MPC regulation

We are proud to introduce you a brand new generation of microprocessor temperature controler from JUMO - JUMO DICON TOUCH.
With more than 15 years of experience and cooperation with JUMO GmbH we can say that they are the best and the leading manufacturers of temperature regulators in the world.

With regard to this in our new generation of devices we have also decided to offer the option of a touch screen device. 
The DICON TOUCH regulator is the latest generation of temperature regulator from the professional JUMO line. 

Characteristics of the DICON TOUCH Touch Screen Controller :
  • 10 programs available to the user for free programming and setup
  • Simultaneous temperature and humidity control (Inkopro special purpose chamber) or simultaneous multi-chamber control (Inkopro uniblocks)
  • Datta logger integrated into the device itself, storage on internal memory and data retrieval on USB and evaluation in a licensed program
  • The function of the ramps, as well as custom made programs
  • RS232, RS485 ports
  • Mobile app for real-time device monitoring (program setting and operating temperature on your mobile device)
  • Automatic fault diagnosis on the device - Datalogging and visual printing on the controller screen
 and a lot more ....

If you want your new device to launch this electronics when making a inquiry, please note that you want the DICON TOUCH option.

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